Makeda Diggs

Ad Optimization Specialist

Makeda becomes part of the OrionCKB family as an Ad Optimization Specialist. Her role involves analyzing, managing, and optimizing ad campaigns for some of our biggest clients.

Makeda has worked across the digital landscape, from managing social media accounts to creating a data-mapping app to collect, process, and analyze information on surveillance systems. Most recently she worked at State Street dissecting national and international financial portfolios and finding data points and planning strategies for their clients.

A self-described fan of the “intersection between strategy and creativity” in digital media, Makeda joined OrionCKB so that she could tap into both of those passions.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and Business from Skidmore College, where she was awarded the Filene Music Scholarship after winning an international competition on violin.

Her degree also belies her other right-brained pursuits outside of work, which include being an independent film director and producer, her membership in a street dance crew, and her ability to hula hoop while playing violin.

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