Eli Ruben

Ad Optimization Specialist

Eli joins the team at OrionCKB as an Ad Optimization Specialist. His role includes managing and (no surprise here) optimizing ad campaigns across social media.

Eli comes aboard after previously co-founding his own company called The Hypershift Group, where he worked with content creators, industry professionals, and those active in the automotive community to plan, promote, and execute a social media strategy along with in-person events.

His experience in digital strategy also includes his time as a Youtube content creator, where he not only planned digital ad campaigns for videos, but also scaled the social and digital content. It’s this combination of experiences that gave Eli the ability to handle the fast-paced and performance-oriented world of direct response advertising.

A graduate of Skidmore College with a Bachelor of Arts in Business, Eli spends as much of his free time as possible behind the camera. Having made videos since the he was old enough to even hold a camera, he’s spent the past 10 years creating and editing videos and has no plans to stop doing so anytime soon.

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