The Playbook: 

Social Advertising for Ecommerce


How to Win The Direct Response Game on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest

Welcome to the big leagues!

What's Inside?

  • 6 pages of direct response tactics specifically for Facebook
  • 7 rules only "rule breakers" follow on Instagram that win you high-quality purchases
  • 8 plays for Twitter & a solid breakdown of how to retarget your Twitter audience
  • 4 ways to stretch every dollar spent on Pinterest and how to get pinners to buy, not just curate
  • 20 pages of in-depth advertising strategy designed by experts in direct response

This is the playbook you'll want to keep on-hand when developing your acquisition strategy and budget each quarter. 

Get the highest quality conversions out of social advertising by using the same direct response strategies as some of our biggest clients in ecommerce: 

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