Some companies are satisfied just rating businesses. This one builds them.


Giving service professionals a platform to succeed.

The Story

Sealing a deck. Singing lessons. Training for a 10k. Helping your seventh grader improve his math skills. Tax preparation. Finding a wedding DJ.

You need something done right, but it can be hard to find the right person for the job.

This is particularly true when the job is scaling and optimizing a Facebook advertising strategy that’s become too labor-intensive for an in-house marketing team.

For Thumbtack, partnering with an agency specializing in Facebook advertising was the most effective way to extend their reach.

After all, Thumbtack is a professional service marketplace for consumers, so they’re experts at finding the experts.

OrionCKB developed a Facebook ad strategy that helped Thumbtack scale their b2b marketplace in a number of directions – drawing in more professionals offering more services in more cities.

The Goal

  • Grow Total Number of Service Professionals in Thumbtack’s Marketplace
  • Increase the Number of Professionals in New Cities Across the Country
  • Build Up Supply of Professionals in Niche Services

Our Process

  • Deploy hundreds of creative ad combinations employing a myriad of copy and imagery options to speak to small business and freelance professionals across the country.
  • Mimic these ad combinations but hone targeting down to 15-20 cities where demand for specific service professionals was particularly high.
  • Identify fatigued audiences & creative.
  • Refresh stale campaigns by inserting the highest-performing creative.
  • Reinvigorate audiences with new imagery and copy.

The Results


New Service Professionals Acquired Through Facebook Advertising


Growth in Total Number of Conversions, Year-Over-Year

The Feedback

Working with OrionCKB helps us focus on what we do best. We initiated our Facebook advertising efforts in-house, but we reached a point where we were taxing our internal resources and needed access to more sophisticated tools. True to our own offering, we needed the right experts to help us get the job done. Putting this portion of our marketing efforts in OrionCKB’s hands helped us hit major milestones quickly and grew areas of our marketplace that were underrepresented in services but had strong consumer demand. They’ve been focused on building our b2b relationships, and we’re looking forward to seeing what magic they can create targeting consumers next.”

Melanie Scott, Acquisition Marketing, Thumbtack

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