Beauty may come from the inside, but this all natural brand needed outside help.

Organic Beauty Brand

Even natural beauty isn’t enough when your in-house ad team reaches their growth peak.

The Story

This organic coconut beauty brand attempted to manage their social media advertising in-house, thinking that they would be more effective that way.

Yet, due to the complex nature of the Facebook ad platform and lightning fast optimizations that need to be made during a campaign (or between them), their internal team struggled to stay ahead of the curve.

Ultimately, their CPA had plateaued with their internal efforts, and they seemed unable to reduce it any further.

That is when they came to us to try and drive down their acquisition costs while increasing the return on their ad spend.

The Goal

  • Reduce CPA
  • Increase ROAS
  • Decrease overall campaign costs

Our Process

Within the first 7 days of engagement, we identified areas to improve efficiencies in their existing efforts: honing in on more precise targeting pools, pausing down poorly performing ad types like link ads or even carousel ads, and making small but effective creative improvements were all items that made an immediate positive impact on performance.

To compensate for poor performing campaigns, we worked with the client to repurpose new creative assets that could inspire audiences. The company had existing video assets available to use, which we then tailored for Facebook’s preferred video ad format.

We saw huge success with their engaging and colorful first video ad. It also helped that the product was so well loved by customers; as a result, there was a steady stream of positive comments on each video ad that ran, which helps greatly with a relevance score.

After this success, we suggested expanding their campaign and utilizing more of their creative assets and videos.

We then tested these new ads across three different prospective audiences including lookalikes of their best customers, as well as retargeted past customers.

When the results from this second crop of ads started coming back showing that they were doing so well, we capitalized on the opportunity to shift more of their budget towards the very cost effective video advertising format and away from other ad types.

Within 3 months, we sold them out of their most popular inventory.

When products fly off the shelves faster than you’re able to replenish, you know something’s working for you!

The Results


Return on Ad Spend


Decrease in CPA


Reduction in CPCs

The Feedback

“There is no point in doing a video just because other retailers are making it work for them. For the biggest chance of success, you have to be intentional. You have to understand your target demographic and whether they will respond to what you’re creating. Once you know that, you can reflect that knowledge in your video. By combining this information, you will have the greatest likelihood of lowering your CPA, driving more sales, or hitting whatever target you are seeking.”

Michael Skehill, Ad Operations Specialist

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