Their movies may be horrifying, but their CPI is anything but.

Online Horror Movie Streaming Service

This brand wants to be what keeps you up late at night.

The Story

The entertainment brand known for shows involving zombies or chemistry teachers finding new routes to pay for healthcare introduced their horror movie streaming service in 2015.

They stood apart from the rest with the fact that they had a wider selection of horror movie titles than any other subscription service out there.

The only terrifying prospect was getting their name known amongst the other subscription video services.

What really kept them up at night was the fact that they wanted to tackle both installs for their app as well as acquiring more subscribers via PPC and search.

For a short time, the company attempted to drive these new subscriptions themselves.

When they quickly realized that wasn’t working, they turned to a branding agency, in hopes that they could produce efficient returns on getting customers to the app and subscribing for their services.

When the agency wasn’t able to produce the cost-effective and quality subscriptions that the company needed, which is when they turned to us.

The Goal

  • Lower CPA in order to scale search spend while maintaining lower costs
  • Begin targeting mobile after previous agency had avoided it
  • Increase app installs to drive subscriptions
  • Test & grow display and video channels

Our Process

  • Our team took a multi-pronged approach so that we could drive both app installs as well as increasing subscriptions via paid search and PPC.
  • To start, we sat down with their team and poured through their data to analyze their previous search campaigns.
  • In analyzing their search campaigns, we were on the lookout for pockets of traffic that were profitable, as well as looking to isolate the traffic that was not.
  • Once we could see where the traffic wasn’t working well, we could pare down those unprofitable portions, while ramping up the avenues of greater returns. We stopped spending on the search queries that were not generating a strong ROI, so more money could be moved to the ones that were.
  • We also reorganized their search campaigns into more focused themes, so that we could write relevant ad copy and target the appropriate consumers more efficiently within our campaigns.
  • Not only did focusing the themes help with ad copy, it also led us to create landing pages that were narrowed to specific subjects.
  • We tested the landing pages with different formats, as well as breaking them down by device and campaign type.
  • This repeated testing and constant modification of our search targeting is what led to the success we saw in both lowering CPAs and increasing app installs.

The Results


Increase in monthly app installs


Reduction in CPA for subscriptions from search


Reduction in CPI (cost per install)

The Feedback

“It’s always important to retest an ad or platform, even if they haven’t worked in the past. This brand had tried mobile ads and app install initiatives that failed before coming to us. By reworking the creative, redoing the targeting, and then retesting the ad, we were able to drop their cost per install by 90%! Being willing to try again is what makes for successful campaigns, as a variety of factors can change in between then and now.” – David Isman, Director & GM of Paid Search

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