Turning lead generation on mobile into a thing of beauty.


The time we added steps to the lead funnel and got better results.

The Story

There’s no sugarcoating it – the skin care and aesthetics industry is crowded. When consumers have unlimited choices for the services they seek, medical aesthetic organizations need to stay competitive with two things:

  1. Innovative services and treatments that attract savvy consumers
  2. An evolving and increasingly maturing lead gen strategy

We’d been working with LaserAway to generate new leads for their CoolSculpting services with an eye on reducing costs while maintaining the scale they had achieved across their 35 locations.

The LaserAway team has always been favorable to a regimented testing schedule, reserving a certain percentage of spend per month to test new audiences, new creative, ad types, and retargeting strategies.

In an effort to unlock even more from our tests and make sure marketing messages were understood on Instagram, we introduced LaserAway to Jebbit, a mobile platform that engages customers using interactive experiences like quizzes, surveys, and other content to move them further down the conversion funnel.

We wanted to capitalize on the millions of people seeking procedures like these to understand what they knew about CoolSculpting, educate them about the benefits, and capture their contact information for further nurturing.

The test was an easy sell: when 70% of users typically submit lead information within Jebbit’s experience, LaserAway definitely wanted to be a part of it.

The Goal

  • Reduce Cost Per Lead
  • Capture emails to build Custom Audiences for retargeting purposes
  • Understand market data that customers themselves declared that could be used to inform more personalized ad campaigns

Our Process

We brainstormed with our friends at Jebbit about the right approach to execute a test for LaserAway. Pulling from their experience creating interactive content for other advertisers looking to generate leads, Jebbit felt a short quiz on CoolSculpting was the right type of content to keep people engaged while moving them further down the funnel.

This interactive experience would identify what users understood about the treatments and would present an opportunity to educate the market. The quiz also asked audiences to disclose how familiar they were with this kind of procedure.

We promoted the Jebbit experiences through LaserAway’s Instagram ads using the same video creative we would to promote the treatments. Half of our audiences were navigated to the mobile Jebbit experience and the other half directly to LaserAway’s landing pages where users could request a free consultation at a nearby location.

While Instagram has always been a high performing DR channel for LaserAway, it’s safe to say adding Jebbit to the mobile lead funnel has unlocked a whole new layer of efficiency for their ad spend.

LaserAway is now able to build more refined retargeting pools of potential customers based on what they claimed to have understood about CoolSculpting. If they identified themselves as having had that kind of procedure in the past, LaserAway can now reflect that intel in their ad creative and messaging to deliver a more relevant and personalized experience.

The Results


Decrease in CPA


Increase in Conversion Rate


More Conversions

The Feedback

“Leveraging the Jebbit platform has allowed us to increase engagement and pre-qualify leads while lowering our CPAs. It’s worked so well with our Facebook ads that we plan on expanding the experience into other parts of our marketing strategies.”

Paul Baumgarthuber, Director of Marketing, LaserAway

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