We crunched the numbers to keep this brand's CPA healthy.

Healthy Snack Subscription Box

These results are nuts.

The Story

This healthy snack subscription box was one of the first companies out of the gate to build their business on Facebook. It was the first channel they started spending on and customer acquisition on Facebook encompassed 100% of their direct response budget for several years.

When they came to us in late 2016, they had been experiencing a downturn, but this wasn’t your typical seasonality flux or temporary dip from audience testing.

Hoping to get their numbers back to where they once were, this brand wanted to breathe new life into the strategy with fresh ideas while reducing CPA, and then scaling as much as possible.

It was a risky move – this change in partners for managed services would happen right before the New Year when people start to eat healthier and invest in higher quality foods.

But our team thrives on this kind of a challenge and this client knew that their previous levels of performance on Facebook could be reached once again.

Like many advertisers, this subscription box’s early scaling was accomplished through website link ads. Our team’s knowledge from working on a wide variety of campaigns across verticals saw an opportunity for video ads to get them back on a trajectory to scale to where they once were.

Knowing that this could be a missing piece of the puzzle for their direct response objectives, we quickly got to work recommending a video ad test.

The Goal

  • Decrease CPA
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Provide Sustainable Scaling

Our Process

Just four months into our partnership, we’ve been able to reactivate audiences and get this box back on a trajectory to scale to where they once were.

Adopting one of our tried-and-true formats, the brand’s team executed on producing a 30-second quirky yet polished stop-motion video showing the unboxing of the snacks from their packaging.

Videos are the perfect medium to appeal to audiences with footage of delicious and mouth-watering snacks. 

With all of these delectable delights on screen, this video quickly unlocked the potential we knew was there and saw strong results almost immediately.

In addition to utilizing video, we also used Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads to further scale this brand’s efforts.

By adding text overlays to their dynamically generated product images, we’ve been able to highlight product names and prices or calling out value propositions, such as their Free Snack Box offer.

And the automated retargeting available through DPA’s means these ads are being made even more relevant to prospective customers.

It’s a rare thing to be able to scale monthly budgets 4x in as many months, but with our introduction of video and a continuous dedication to testing and identifying new audiences, this healthy snack box is once against driving successful customer acquisition from Facebook.

The Results


Decrease in CPA


Scale in monthly ad spend


Decrease in CPC

The Feedback

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