Choose Your Own Adventure -
But For Online Shopping

Footwear E-commerce Brand

Turning curious web surfers into buyers - and advocates - of the most technically advanced sock on the market.

The Story

There are few things more rewarding in this business than a client that’s willing to test new things.

And when that client is trying to aggressively scale, it’s even more critical that they keep an open mind about what could work.

This was particularly important for us when we introduced our footwear e-commerce client to Jebbit, a mobile platform that engages and converts customers using interactive experiences like quizzes, surveys, and other content as part of the buying process.

The pitch was this: let us test a Jebbit experience that helped potential customers learn more about our clients’ mission* and product line while moving those people further down the path to purchase.

(*to donate one product for each one that’s purchased)

Now, when we told our client that the Jebbit test would involve using their customer acquisition dollars to send people to a quiz instead of a place to purchase, we expected some skepticism. But as always, we were trusted to execute a controlled test to prove the concept and potentially drive incremental sales.

The stat that really won the client over: Of users who engage with this kind of branded content supported by Jebbit, 95% of people finish it.

No, really. We had to see it for ourselves.

The Goal

  • Capture “declared” data about customers (that they themselves disclose) that could be repurposed for more informative and intelligent ad campaigns
  • Capture emails to build Custom Audiences for remarketing purposes
  • Drive more sales without increasing costs

Our Process

We brainstormed with our friends at Jebbit about the right approach to execute a test for this client. Pulling from all of their experience creating interactive content for other e-commerce brands, Jebbit felt a quiz & survey hybrid would both educate users of the company’s mission while unlocking key details about customers’ lifestyle and shopping habits.

This test would also augment the experience for mobile audiences; rather than deliver shoppers to a responsive e-commerce site with lots of options, the Jebbit flow would boost conversions by funneling people into an easy-to-use, relevant, and personalized mobile experience.

The most critical part: keep users engaged, and keep them on the path to buying.

The best way to do that? 5 simple questions that asked users what they knew and asked users how they felt.

We promoted the new flow through Facebook ads, using the same kind of ad creative we would to promote the client’s products. Half of our spend sent users to the e-commerce site while the other half put users into the Jebbit experience. A large majority of traffic would be on mobile.

After taking the quiz and submitting their email for a discount code in exchange for their participation, customers in the Jebbit experience were then rerouted to various areas on the client’s website, delivering on the ad’s promise to hook them up with an opportunity to buy while taking into consideration the context of their answers to the client’s quiz.

For example, one of the most important questions asked customers which activity their footwear needed to endure.

Unlocking answers for this data point was key; after finishing the quiz, customers were then led to the products on the client’s website that aligned with their declared needs.

So, if someone was shopping for men’s socks and they put their footwear through the ringer while skiing, they’d be directed to the client’s activewear socks after leaving the Jebbit experience.

Think “choose your own adventure”, but for online shopping.

But that’s just the start.

Now, by knowing who buys socks specifically for the gym or the boardroom, the client can start to build a profile of their customers, understanding their motivations for buying while tailoring advertisements that actually reflect these customers’ interests – a truly personalized experience.

What’s more, the client is able to expand the size and depth of their audience on Facebook based directly on their customers’ input. No 3rd party data, no filling in the blanks with demographic assumptions. Our client learned something about their customers, and now those customers are part of an engaged segment that will receive more impactful advertising messages.

The Results


ROAS with Jebbit


Increase in Conversions


Click-to-Lead Capture Rate

The Feedback

“Jebbit is a big differentiator for us. It’s proven to be a hugely efficient way for our clients not only to understand and educate their audiences but to keep their attention and move them further down the funnel on mobile, which is a particular challenge for a lot of advertisers. We can’t wait to get more of our clients in on this.”

Scott Briggs, Co-CEO, OrionCKB

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