Product Innovation + A Scalable Acquisition Strategy = The Perfect Pair

Footwear Apparel Brand

When your purchase helps the homeless, you’ll always be putting the right foot forward.

The Story

This company came into the sock space and decided to shake it up.

The founders stumbled upon their brilliant idea when they found out that socks are the number one requested item at homeless shelters.

Instead of just buying socks to donate, they wanted to create a scalable business that consistently paid it forward. For each pair of socks purchased, they donate a pair to homeless shelters or communities in need.

To date, they’ve donated almost one million pairs of socks!

But if you’re thinking that just because they are humanitarians means they don’t care about the quality of their socks, you’d be wrong.

They worked to revolutionize sock design by combining athletic performance and extreme comfort.

The founders are also committed to ensuring that they make their communities better, both inside and outside of the company.

Between volunteering and donations, the entire company consistently wants to be better and make the world a better place.

As these founders were building this company, they started by attempting to manage their paid acquisition efforts in-house. This was on top of trying to juggle their email, Pinterest, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, referral program, and their strategic partnerships with traditional retailers.

This worked for a bit until these awesome socks were featured on a primetime investment television show. From there, the business exploded and they realized they needed outside help to handle their increased traffic.

The two biggest issues they wanted solved when we first met with them were (1) determining how to effectively unlock sales from the male demographic and (2) how to confidently track metrics so they aligned with their sales figures.

In addition to these specific goals, their team also wanted to increase their customer base by both driving new sales as well as retargeting previous purchasers, all while managing their costs. (both new and previous)

To efficiently and effectively meet all of these goals while still scaling their business, they needed our team’s help in putting their best foot forward.

The Goal

  • Scale up their first-time customer acquisition
  • Reduce CPA
  • Effectively retarget previous purchasers

Our Process

  • We started by working to improve their Facebook strategy with only a few minor changes.
  • First, we created structure in the way we approached their testing. Unlike other companies who test multiple elements and creative iterations all at once, we instead devised a road map where we tested just one or two variables or creative formats at a time so we could have a clear idea of which elements caused a jump in performance
  • From the results of those campaigns, we then would decide how and what to test next.
  • By focusing on these smaller tests, we ended up uncovering a solution to one of their biggest challenges: increasing and scaling male customers.
  • We tested an image that ended up resonating with males like never before. It performed so well, that we also made videos based off of this image. That creative also became a jumping off point for new ads around the same theme.
  • This collaborative effort between them and our team also lent itself to fixing their problem with tracking as well. By working together with Facebook, our team, and their in-house team, we were able to run tests for them that they could confidently trust when comparing ad performance numbers with their sales information.
  • Our work with this brand proves that you don’t have to try and test everything to still find a smashing success. Sometimes it requires patience and a willingness to believe that slow and steady can still win the race.

The Results


Increase in purchases through competitive holiday season & normally slow Q1


Increase in ROAS (from 125% to 210%)


Reduction in CPA

The Feedback

“This client’s openness towards creative and audience testing has led to the best growth at scale by finding the ‘winners’ amongst the audiences. When brands aren’t as open to this testing, it really limits the depth of your understanding of your audience. By letting us do what we do best, we can give clients the most insight into their key demographics and how to continue driving sales.” – Michael Skehill, Ad Optimization Specialist

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