Most men get bored of shopping in just 26 minutes.

45% avoid it at all costs.

Five Four Club

Finding the sweet spot for men with style and affordability.

The Story

While there are fewer studies that say just how much men care about looking stylish, Five Four knows the truth: Guys want to look good, but it’s got to be hassle-free. A subscription model of affordable, monthly clothing deliveries is just that.

Five Four tapped OrionCKB to create and manage a Facebook advertising campaign that would spark subscription conversions and our creative services team helped Five Four build momentum, reenergize performance and deliver messaging that hit the target. The creative had to look good, reflect the company’s stylish branding and of course, attract the right attention.

New photography accessorized by direct, no-nonsense copy showing Five Four solving their demo’s fashion dilemma was the right way to go.

The Goal

  • Increase Total Number of Subscribers
  • Reduce Cost Per Acquisition
  • Scale Efficiently

Our Process

  • OrionCKB’s creative services team hones in on three creative directions that support the brand and can be iterated with copy and imagery.
  • A/B test creative across the same cohorts of audiences to determine which concept resonates best with key age groups and demographics.
  • Test new audiences with highest-performing creative.
  • Identify fatigued audiences & creative.
  • Reinvigorate oversaturated audiences with highest- performing creative.

The Results


Increase in Subscriptions Over 3 months


Increase in CTR


Decrease in CPA

The Feedback

Working with OrionCKB allows us to focus on running our business. This is invaluable since we’re in major growth mode. We saw early success with Facebook ads, but we were in need of better tools for campaign management and creative testing. OrionCKB provides a singular focus and dedication to our campaigns, ensuring we can scale as much as needed, as quickly as needed. Working with OrionCKB has been a no brainer.

Andres Izquieta, Co-Founder / CEO & Creative Director, Five Four Club

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