Almost 50% Lifetime CPA Reduction While Raising $2M For Important Causes

Fashion Accessories Brand

With an open and transparent dialogue, the entire ad buy process becomes more efficient.

The Story

This brand was founded to showcase support and raise money for important causes through their sale of simple, yet fashion forward accessories.

Originally, the company founder was the sole person running both the Facebook page and their Facebook ads.

It wasn’t long before they realized that they couldn’t devote the time needed to running social media ad campaigns as well as running the entire company.

Currently one of our longest running clients, they first came to us in 2013 when they needed someone with expertise in direct response advertising on social media.

With the frequent Facebook changes in formats, algorithms, and best practices, the client knew it was far more efficient to have a dedicated advertising optimization partner for whom social is their sole focus.

This founder is also always open to trying new formats, and considers every test a success, even if it doesn’t work since it shows them a different path. 

That, combined with their willingness to embrace transparency across channels, has given us the foundation to provide ever-better returns on their ad spend.

The Goal

  • Increase number of items sold
  • Reduce CPA
  • Earn higher returns on ad spend

Our Process

  • Our team worked with theirs to create a new ad in Facebook’s latest format
  • Looked to find new audiences for their product
  • Tested with repeat purchasers to increase likelihood of additional ones
  • They also disclosed their full numbers to us, so that we could see their metrics and compare them with what Facebook reported
  • This allowed them to scale their advertising spend more effectively and better align the numbers to quantify attribution
  • With this transparency, the ad optimization team is able to make adjustments in real time to live campaigns, which maximizes the volume of qualified potential customers

The Results


Return on ad spend


Decrease in CPA


Scale up in ad spend, while reducing CPA

The Feedback

“One of the most exciting things for an optimizer is when a client is open to testing new Facebook products and ad types. This ensures we are always on top of the latest trends, often works out well for the client, since we typically see new releases yield efficient results at scale.”

Michael Zappulla, Senior Ad Optimization Specialist for OrionCKB


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