Video ads are going viral in their ability to bring in the best ROAS.

Ecommerce Video Ads

Are you ready for your close up?

The Story

Ecommerce is a business that often centers around visuals. So it makes perfect sense that videos are emerging as a preferred way to market ecommerce in the digital world.

Facebook started pushing video last summer, but to us, it seemed premature. Initially, video advertising made all the sense in the world for branding; results for direct response weren’t there yet without a strategic sequencing effort (e.g. show video content to targeted audiences for 2 weeks and then retarget them with a direct response video ad).

In Q1, that all changed.

Without sequencing, video ads on Facebook started showing a significantly higher ROI for ecommerce.

Even better for your brand (and sales) is that consumers are 1.8x more likely to watch and share mobile video ad content versus other formats. And they are twice as likely to feel positively towards you and your company than with other formats.

Video isn’t just a new (or reinvented) format to present your brand to potential shoppers. It’s a game-changing revolution of the ecommerce ad environment.

Sources of statistics: Think With Google, Ad Age, Ad Week

The Goal

  • Reduce CPA
  • Increase ROAS
  • Repurpose current creative
  • Scale ad spend efficiently
  • Target new and repeat customers with compelling creative in new ad format

Our Process

Ecommerce clients benefit from testing a number of different video approaches. Here are just two quick examples:

For one eCommerce brand, we suggested using the creative from a high-performing series of link ads into a .gif that rotated through the images. Since .gifs play like a video, we were able to rotate through different colors of one static image of a product for a video ad. This took very little effort on their graphic designer’s part and still provided strong returns.

With another eCommerce brand, they already had a number of video assets available from previous campaigns on their own website. With our suggestions, the client was able to reformat the videos into something that was more appropriate for Facebook-friendly video ads.

This meant the company didn’t have to create new creative, just repurposed previously created videos for new, shorter Facebook ads.

These examples show what many of our clients already understand – unlike what may be needed for TV, their video advertising options on search or social don’t require large production efforts, a significant budget for the videos’ creation, or complex media buying processes.

Experimentation often leads to innovation. Utilizing existing skills and assets can still help brands stay on top of the latest – and most profitable – changes happening in the landscape.

The Results


Avg Return on Ad Spend


Avg Reduction in CPAs


Avg Decrease in CPCs

The Feedback

Without sequencing, video ads on Facebook show a significantly higher ROI for ecommerce. In this case study, we showed multiple campaigns proving proof that video is the most cost effective ad type for reaching your potential consumers.

Some of our ecommerce clients are now exclusively running video ads, as they provide the best ROAS at the lowest CPA.

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