Time To Join The Video Ad Revolution [Ebook]

by Sandra Rand 3 years ago

Over the past few weeks, we have been focused on the ways that mobile and mobile video are evolving.

The numbers and data can leave you feeling gobsmacked:

  • 73% of people in the US say they always have their smartphone on them
  • 83% of millennials check their phones before leaving home every day
  • Mobile ad spend “skyrocketed” to $20.7 billion during FY 2015
  • 18 billion video views between Facebook and Snapchat every single day
  • By 2020, mobile video data on Facebook will be 75% of their mobile traffic
  • 53% of millennials watch video on mobile without any distractions
  • Mobile video ad spend has increased 26%
    • Highest growth was amongst the gaming industry
    • Mobile gaming revenue will grow 21% this year, and is predicted to top $52.5 billion by 2019

This is just a small sampling of the statistics, yet their message is clear – we are entering uncharted waters with mobile and videos.

It’s this rise of video, and more importantly, video ads, that warrants your attention.

Video ads on Facebook are delivering lower acquisition costs, greater conversion rates, and in many cases, higher ROAS than their link ad or carousel ad counterparts.

In our e-book, not only do we provide the numbers that back up our bold pronouncements, but we also include three separate case studies to prove their impact.

Download it now, and join the revolution that’s already in progress!

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