The Digital Ad News You Didn’t Catch Last Week – Iss. 19

by Sandra Rand 4 years ago

Each Sunday, we send out a handful of under-the-radar news stories, best practices, reports and other pieces from major media outlets that were overshadowed during the previous week by major headlines from Facebook and Twitter.

Want to cut through the clutter and see what you missed? We’ll catch you up by showing you what’s catching our eye. This week is issue #19.


Even in short amounts of time, we are processing a lot of information on mobile. Luckily, content viewed quickly can still break through and be memorable. Here’s how to earn people’s attention in a split second. (AdAge)

Fat thumbs may have a bigger effect on your mobile ad engagement than you realize. 60% of adults say they their mobile ad clicks are accidental. (Direct Marketing News)

Paid Search

Paid search growth momentum is slowing, but that can be partially attributed to advertisers’ willingness to spend on mobile search, which is now 37% of all SEM spend. (SmallBizTrends)

Social Media

So, where are the large companies spending their advertising dollars in 2016? 22% said they plan to start advertising on Snapchat for the first time; 10% said they plan to start advertising on Tumblr. What new channels are you adding this year? See if your plan lines up with the other big boys. (The American Genius)


3 great tips from our tech partner Nanigans on proven best practices for increasing conversions with video advertising. (Marketing Land)


If you exhausted your shopping audience through the holiday season, there are a few Facebook advertising strategies you can use to motivate missed or new sales post-holiday in Q1. (OrionCKB)


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