Social Advertising News: All the Major Headlines from November 2015

by Sandra Rand 4 years ago

November was a month for some pretty big social advertising news, particularly for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

As we come up on the close of 2015, the prediction was that advertisers worldwide would spend $24 billion on paid social ads, a 30% increase from last year. In the US alone, that figure was $10 billion – more than double what was spent just 2 years ago. By 2017, social ad spending is expected to represent 16% of digital global ad spending.

Take a look at the major advertising headlines from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest from the last 30-ish days:


4 Big Marketing Takeaways From Facebook’s Earnings Call

While there were more than 4 big pieces of news that came Facebook’s Q3 earnings call, this piece rounds up the biggest takeaways for advertisers.

  1. Sheryl Sandberg stressed the combination of Facebook & Instagram as a killer combination for advertisers looking to reach a mobile audience;
  2. The site saw a huge surge in video being posted by small businesses and an increase in enterprises leveraging video as a complement to TV investments;
  3. IKEA tested day-parting and unlocked $2 million in sales;
  4. Sandberg also made claims that dynamic product ads drive ROI comparable to paid search.


Facebook Hits 8 Billion Daily Video Views, Doubling From 4 Billion In April

Even though views are counted after just 3 seconds, Facebook is generating 760 years of watch time each day – plenty of space for Facebook to lure in TV commercial dollars that are shifting to digital.


An easier way to create locally-relevant ads for all your locations

Facebook announced local awareness ads for small franchises looking to advertise the most relevant store/establishment to people within a certain radius of the most nearby location.


Facebook Mulls Ad Changes for Instant Articles After Publisher Pushback

Facebook’s restrictions on advertising within Instant Articles is keeping publishers from monetizing the traffic within Facebook as efficiently as through advertising on their own sites. As such, Facebook is now testing out changes to its advertising policies within Instant Articles, such as allowing more ads per article and ad formats that were barred previously.


Facebook Unleashes VR-Style 360 Videos For Ads

Facebook is opening up the format to advertisers, the first “immersive stories” coming from brands including AT&T, Corona, Nescafe, Ritz Crackers, Samsung and Walt Disney World.



Instagram Partners With 41 Tech Companies to Improve Advertising Experience

Instagram announced its stable of partners that help marketers manage ad campaigns with ad tech, content marketing, and community management. OrionCKB tech partners Nanigans and Kenshoo were both announced as Ad Tech partners.


More Objectives and More Ways to Advertise

Advertisers can now optimize against reach and frequency, allowing them some control over how many people they reach with Instagram ads and how frequently the ads are shown. Businesses leaning on self-service platforms for Instagram (by way of Facebook) now have access to Carousel Ads as well.



Study: Pinterest Ad Spend Up Nearly 8x Since January

It’s still early days for Pinterest ads so there’s not a ton of competition and inventory is quite a bargain. As such, spend on the platform has quadrupled for clients of 4C Insights. Ad impressions have grown by 3.3X this year, 4C finds, and CTR of ads has doubled.


Pinterest Pushes Buyable Pins to Android Phones, Introduces the Pinterest Shop

Pinterest is rolling out Buyable Pins to Android users, opening up potential reach to another 1.4 billion devices. To date, Buyable Pins were only offered on Apple’s iOS devices and haven’t yet been introduced on desktop. Pinterest also announced Pinterest Shop, a new section of the site that features a collection of Buyable Pins trending among users, which should be rolling out any day now.


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