Social Advertising News: All the Major Headlines from January 2016

by Sandra Rand 4 years ago

We’re barely into a brand new year, but there is already plenty of social advertising news to pique your interest. Surprisingly (or maybe not), Twitter came out with guns blazing in 2016.

Here are some of the platform-specific news headlines about social advertising over the past month.


New Features Make Lead Ads Better

  1. Context cards – an optional tile that pops up after someone clicks on a lead ad but before they get to the form, giving businesses a place to offer more details on the information people are signing up for. So if a business is using lead ads to find new email subscribers, they may use a context card to explain what type of content they offer in their emails.
  2. Additionally, lead ads are now available in the carousel format, enabling businesses to showcase three to five images and headlines before people click through to the lead form. Advertisers can use the carousel tiles to provide details about and benefits of submitting their form.


Advertisers Can Now Optimize for Website Conversions

Instagram advertisers can now run campaigns that are optimized for website conversions. The option offers several call-to-action buttons to choose among (like “Shop Now,” “Book Now,” “Sign Up,” “Apply Now,” and others). Brands have enjoyed conversion lift of 10-15% over other benchmarks using this type of optimization.


Introducing Conversational Ads

For many years, marketers have successfully increased their brand engagement using Promoted Tweets with compelling images or videos and campaign hashtags that drive Retweets, likes, and follows. Conversational ads take this a step further by including call to action buttons with customizable hashtags that encourage consumer engagement. When a call to action button is tapped, the Tweet composer opens with a pre-populated brand message accompanied by the creative and hashtag buttons. The consumer can then personalize the Tweet and share it with his or her followers.

Fan Tweets to Be Eligible to Become Ads

Twitter’s new “brand enthusiast gallery” is a repository of brand-related tweets that advertisers can pick through and use in their ads. The Twitter users who write the Tweets are direct-messaged by Twitter for permission to use their Tweet on behalf of a brand. In the ad unit itself, users will see a standard Tweet from an advertiser atop a carousel of relevant Tweets from users.

Periscope Videos Integrate into Twitter Posts Now

Twitter posts can now be embedded with Periscope live streaming videos, rather than users linking out to Periscope. Similar to Twitter’s Vine integration, the feature allows Twitter users to view Periscope live streams without having to create a Periscope account. Advertisers are expected to appreciate this move, because it eliminates the burden of having to build a Periscope following separate from the Twitter audience. Currently only on Twitter for iOS, roll-out to Android and the web are planned ASAP.

30-Second Skippable Pre-Roll Ads

Twitter’s Amplify program is now offering pre-roll ads that run from 15 to 30 seconds — considerably longer than the previously allowed six second limit (which was popularized by Vine videos). After the first six seconds, users will have the option to skip the ads. Skeptics are raising eyebrows, particularly considering the rumored possibility of “long tweets,” but it may signal that Twitter is not as glued to the short-form environment as everyone thought. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

#TwitterFlightSchool is Now Open to All Marketers

The new, interactive curriculum for brands is packed with exclusive consumer insights and research, in-depth product tutorials, and fresh case studies. Marketers who sign up for Flight School will also gain access to a trove of tips and downloadable presentations they can use to develop campaign ideas and prepare for senior-level meetings.


Pinterest Focuses on CPG and Retail

Pinterest will no longer offer full support for companies outside the consumer packaged goods and retail space, though they will still sell advertising space to those businesses. Pinterest has proven to be especially well-suited for users who shop online for things like home décor and clothing, so the company will now only focus on that type of advertiser. The move makes sense. Pinterest does plan to eventually roll support back out to other advertisers once it tests CPG and retail strategies.


Snapchat Developing API for Advertising

Snapchat is now developing an application programming interface for advertising. The platform is currently in talks with advertising agencies and tech companies to determine requirements, and Snapchat hopes to be ready to test the API this coming spring. The goal is to facilitate direct response ads like those for app installs, and to improve user targeting, ad order placement, analytics, and advertising creative delivery.

Snapchat’s Daily Mobile Video Views Said to Rival Facebook’s

SnapChat delivers more than 7 billion video clips each day, rivaling the amount watched on Facebook, which has 15 times as many users. Facebook, which has 1.55 billion users, had more than 8 billion daily video views in the third quarter on both desktops and mobile devices.

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