6 Case Studies That Prove You Can Drive Measurable ROI from Social Advertising

by Sandra Rand 3 years ago

Do you ever look at other brands’ results and wonder why you can’t see some of those same results for yourself?

It’s frustrating when you feel like you don’t have the bandwidth or resources to devote to optimizing your advertising across channels. Or feeling as though you lack the time or expertise to learn and test against best practices.

It’s tough to run an entire acquisition strategy and try to keep up with the ever-changing products and nuances for running direct response across each of your advertising channels

We rounded up some of our best case studies from the past 12 months that can give you insight into using Facebook and search to maximize your ROAS, decrease your CPAs, and make sure you get the highest value leads and customers possible.

Here are some of the best examples of driving ROI from search and social advertising:

Organic Beauty Brand


Engage outside help when your internal team plateaus and better utilize creative for greater ROI.


This organic coconut beauty brand attempted to manage their social media advertising in-house, but their internal team struggled to stay ahead of the curve. Their CPA had plateaued and they were unable to bring it down further. That’s when they came to us to try and drive down their acquisition costs while increasing the return on their ad spend.



Check out the full case study here.


Fashion Accessories Brand


Always test new forms of creative and be open to trying new things.


This brand was founded to showcase support and raise money for important causes through their sale of simple, yet fashion forward accessories.

Originally, the company founder was the sole person running both the Facebook page and their Facebook ads, though she quickly realized she couldn’t devote the time needed to running social media ad campaigns as well as running the entire company.

With the frequent Facebook changes in formats, algorithms, and best practices, the client knew it was far more efficient to have a dedicated advertising optimization partner for whom social is their sole focus.

Since this founder is also always open to trying new formats and embrace transparency across channels, we’ve been able to provide ever-better returns on their ad spend.



Check out the full case study for all the details.


Online Horror Movie Streaming Service


Seek analysis about what’s working and never be afraid to test something that might not have worked before.


The entertainment brand that’s best known for their zombie filled headliner introduced their horror movie streaming service in 2015.

The only terrifying prospect was getting their name known amongst the other subscription video services.

What really kept them up at night was the fact that they wanted to tackle both installs for their app as well as acquiring more subscribers via PPC and search.

The company turned to us when both their internal team and the branding agency they hired couldn’t produce the cost-effective and quality subscriptions they needed.



Step behind the curtain and learn the full facts of how we were able to scare up such strong results.


Footwear Apparel Brand


Never be afraid of the “ugly” creative or seeking strategies to scale.


The founders stumbled upon their brilliant idea sock company idea when they found out that socks are the number one requested item at homeless shelters.

Instead of just buying socks to donate, they wanted to create a scalable business that consistently paid it forward. For each pair of socks purchased, they donate a pair to homeless shelters or communities in need.

As these founders were building this company, they started by attempting to manage their paid acquisition efforts in-house. This worked until these awesome socks were featured on a primetime investment television show.

From there, the business exploded and they realized they needed outside help to handle their increased traffic.

Their two biggest issues were

(1) determining how to effectively unlock sales from the male demographic and

(2) how to confidently track metrics so they aligned with their sales figures.



See how we succeeded in helping this brand put their best foot forward.


E-commerce Video Ads


Try and try again when it comes to new forms of creative!


E-commerce is a business that often centers around visuals.

Initially, video advertising made all the sense in the world for branding; results for direct response weren’t there yet.

In Q1 of 2016, that all changed when video ads on Facebook started showing a significantly higher ROI for e-commerce.

Consumers are 1.8x more likely to watch and share mobile video ad content versus other formats and 2x as likely to feel positively towards you and your company than with other formats.

Video isn’t just a new (or reinvented) format to present your brand to potential shoppers; it’s a game-changing revolution of the e-commerce ad environment.



Take a seat in the director’s chair and see the ways in which video and e-commerce fit perfectly for direct response advertising.


Lead Gen for Higher Ed


Seek out quality over quantity and how that will ultimately benefit your bottom line.


When this higher education organization came to us, they had not yet spent any money pursuing leads through social media advertising.

They knew that they needed to be where their potential students were, but they didn’t understand the best way to reach them.

Our ad ops team sat down to work with them on a plan to meet or exceed their goals in terms of leads and, most importantly, student enrollments.

We also wanted to ensure that these leads were of a higher quality given the precise targeting ability of Facebook’s platform; going after only the right audiences would ensure their costs were reduced over time.



Learn from our teachers how this brand saw greater results from their Facebook ads than their SEO.


Hallmark Ecards


Strategize, strategize, strategize in those off-peak quarters.


Hallmark eCards is a subscription-based digital greeting company that’s turned digital messages (literally) into an art form, with a wide variety of well-known characters from Peanuts, Toy Story, and more taking center stage in their greetings.

They turned to us when they wanted to reach larger audiences through advertising.

Their CPA had plateaued and they were no longer seeing a strong click through rate on their current creative.

Since we wanted to ensure that eCards continued to grow, we stepped in with a new strategy and plan to get their creative and CPA back on track and exceeding their expectations.



We’ll greet you with the full details of this case study here.


Each of these case studies has a story to tell that can help you reach greater ROAS in 2017, and there are three themes that are consistent across all of them:

  1. Be open to the new: channels, ideas, formats, creative, platforms. You never know when you might find a winner.
  2. Test, test, and test again. Just because something doesn’t work the first time, doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same results next time. These platforms evolve rapidly; if you tested something even 12 months ago, it’s possible it could open huge opportunity for you with new developments. Test it again.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes an outside perspective can pinpoint an area of opportunity that you may have been too bogged down to see. Audits are your friend.

Take these three themes and the six case studies with you as you get down to strategizing for 2017!