[PODCAST] Key Lessons From Running Over $20m in Subscription Box Ads

by Sandra Rand 2 years ago



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It seems like every day there’s a new subscription box on the market.

Live in the city but want your pup to enjoy the freedom of doing their business on the lawn? No worries! There’s the Doggie Lawn subscription box that sends you a real grass patch each month.

Concerned that the end of the world is near? Then Apocabox will help prepare you for the anarchy and chaos (and potential zombies) that will ensue.

It really doesn’t matter what your interest is or how weird it may be, there is almost guaranteed to be some type of subscription box to meet your needs.

However, just because you’ve come up with the brilliant plan for a monthly Pomeranian-themed subscription box (because Poms are clearly the best breed), you’ll still need to know the best ways to advertise and how to scale your box via social advertising.

That’s why we invited Matt Pacheco, Director of Ad Optimization here at OrionCKB, to answer some of your burning questions. He’s worked on advertising for subscription boxes since they first came on the scene and he gives tips and ideas you can apply to your own social advertising so you can earn your best ROAS.


[00:28] Matt Pacheco introduces himself to us all.

[00:45] Find out what Matt and Mark Zuckerberg share in common.

The Rise Of The Boxes

[01:33] We reminisce over the beginning of the subscription box trend.

[02:03] Learn what it is about subscription boxes that make them such a win for many brands.

[02:33] I spill the beans on the subscription box I am currently addicted to (it might not be what you think!)

[02:55] Matt tells us the different ways that subscription boxes have been advertised over the years.

Let Your Fanbase Work For You

[03:34] Learn what types of video creative has seen success so far.

[03:47] Get the details on how carousel ads were the first iteration for storytelling via video.

[04:38] Video is fantastic at highlighting certain aspects of subscription boxes, listen in to learn what they are.

[05:23] The truth behind whether you need a big budget to create or run video ads for your subscription box.

[05:30] User-generated content is golden for many boxes. Find out why.

Insider Tips For What Works Best

[06:09] Matt gives us behind the scenes knowledge about what type of copy sees the most success.

[06:44] What you should never be afraid to test.

[07:42] Find out what most subscription box brands don’t know about advertising but should.

[08:12] How correct tracking for your ads can make or break your entire marketing strategy.

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

[09:04] What tests Matt recommends when you’re advertising your subscription box, including when static images are better than video.

[09:48] How you can rework your promotions to increase your conversions.

[10:29] Matt lists the steps to organize and plan your ad testing.

[10:51] Breaking down the approaches when you’re prospecting versus retargeting customers.

Best Way To Optimize Your Ad Spend

[11:54] The reason Facebook’s different categories are perfect for advertising subscription boxes, no matter how niche.

[12:29] Ways that keywords and broad audience targeting can actually lead to better efficiencies in CPMs and CPCs versus look alike targeting.

[13:28] Matt is kind enough to leave us with 4 best practices for earning the best ROAS for your subscription box ads.

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