[PODCAST] How Adding Steps To Your Funnel Can Actually Decrease Your CPA

by Sandra Rand 2 years ago


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Have you ever wondered how gamification works? Or why some consumers flock to certain brands even when they seem to be adding extra steps to the funnel?

We’ve been asking some of these same questions so we sat down with Jackie Eagle, Senior Director for Strategy and Accounts at Jebbit, to
find out more.

Jackie shares her in-depth knowledge and behind the scenes access for how the Jebbit platform’s use of interactive content has led to brands seeing results like a 10x return on ad spend or a 97% decrease in costs per lead.

If you’re in direct response advertising and want to find out the tools and actionable insight on how you can see similar results yourself, then you need to listen to this week’s podcast.


[00:54] Jackie Eagle introduces herself and explains her role

Background on Jebbit and What They Do

[01:59] We find out more about what exactly it is that Jebbit does and why it’s so different

[02:20] Where consumer focus can be found in today’s marketing world

[02:42] The methods Jebbit use to engage your potential consumers

[03:20] The British are coming! Or at least British fashion via the Boden interactive lookbook.

[04:10] That moment when I learned there was such a thing as Major League Lacrosse

How and Why Orion and Jebbit Teamed Up

[04:44] I explain how we first started working with Jebbit

[04:50] Gamification is the name of (at least part of) the game

[06:09] How an incentive + engaging and interactive content = 97% completion rate of brand awareness content

[06:59] The revolution continues to be mobilized as 80% of users across all verticals come via their mobile device

Tools & Tips For Increasing ROAS and Decreasing CPA

[07:31] Why optimizing for mobile is necessary to increase your conversion rates, especially for e-commerce brands

[08:13] The way that Jebbit works with brands to drive that intent to purchase

[08:25] Find out behind the scenes details about how one of our clients, with Jebbit’s assistance, saw a 53% reduction in CPA and a 100% ROAS

[09:38] Gamifying the experience doesn’t just drive conversions, it also provides valuable insight into your audience

[09:56] Ways to use this insight to retarget customers

Strategies To Increase Your Conversions like Laseraway

[10:15] Insider details on Laseraway’s success with Jebbit, where we saw a 52% decrease in the CPA cost, with an 113% increase in conversion rates, plus 373% more conversions overall

[10:41] How you can follow Laseraway’s strategy and results to create your own custom audiences in Facebook

[11:58] Reasons why you shouldn’t take a shot every time you hear the word “personalization” or “personalize” in our podcast.

[12:22] Even with a tool like Jebbit, why you should never just set your ads and forget about them – constant iteration is key

[13:57] A shoutout to our love for Boston

Why Personalization Increases Engagement

[14:17] Why personalization is the foundation for any successful customer experience

[15:36] I confess my obsession for pineapples

[16:12] Jackie explains how interactive content engages users to stick around for longer than they normally would

Best Way To Optimize and Test Across Channels

[16:53] I have Jackie spill the beans on what’s been the most successful method for optimizing across social media channels

[18:07] I show my age when I refer to it as “The Facebook” and we reminisce over social media channels of old

[19:08] The importance of the next touch point in the customer journey after the interactive content

[19:43] Jackie shares the tests that her team always recommends brands try when you’re looking to introduce interactive content to your funnel

[21:14] We conclude with the three actionable ways you can engage your customers and get them closer to conversion

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