[PODCAST] Facebook Ad Strategy From A Shark Tank Favorite

by Sandra Rand 2 years ago



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If you’re a fan of the ABC show “Shark Tank,” then the company we sit down with today will be familiar to you.

Back in season 7, the founders of LovePop, Wombi Rose and John Wise, struck a deal with Kevin O’Leary (aka Mr. Wonderful) for his investment.

Last year, they filmed an update where Mr. Wonderful discussed how they should be selling directly to customers online.

That directive is how today’s podcast guest came to the table. 

Brandon Hendrix, the Director of Acquisition at LovePop, fulfills Mr. Wonderful’s mission by creating the online (and soon offline) strategies for the company to grow its brand.

We sat down with Brandon to find out how LovePop is shaking up the greeting card space and what lessons you can learn from their social advertising strategies.



[00:30] Brandon introduces himself to our podcast audience with his array of startup experience.

[01:10] The fun fact that Brandon shares might just be the new way to handle real estate!

[01:48] I try to convince Brandon to take his fun fact on the road.

[02:16] How exactly LovePop and Real Simple magazine are connected.

[02:52] The moment when I reveal one of the secret benefits of working at OrionCKB.

The LovePop Story

[03:18] The story behind how LovePop came to be and the ways it’s revolutionizing the greeting card space.

[03:42] How LovePop’s founders went from naval architecture to greeting cards.

[03:57] Imagine the Shark Tank intro music as Brandon shares the way the show helped grow LovePop.

[04:40] “Creating a billion magical moments” and how LovePop is joining the wedding invite game.

[05:20] Brandon makes all my dreams come true with this offer.

[05:30] We find out my office nickname.

[05:48] Why LovePop has a Slack channel called “The Feels” for their team.

Behind The Scenes Of LovePop’s Social Advertising Strategy

[06:42] All the ways that LovePop targets prospective customers.

[07:04] Different platforms offer different ways to target and Brandon goes through which ones work best for which verticals.

[07:28] What questions does LovePop use to decide which channels they advertise on? Listen here for the answer.

[07:44] How does LovePop use video? Brandon counts the ways.

Why Facebook Ads and LovePop Cards Are A Perfect Match

[08:28] Facebook ads are extremely useful for two things according to Brandon. Want to know what they are?

[08:43] The different iterations of video creative that LovePop uses to engage their potential customers.

[09:13] Brandon waxes poetic on how efficient Facebook can be when prospecting.

[09:33] Where Instagram and Pinterest fall into the mix of channels for LovePop’s customer acquisition.

[10:09] “In the age of direct response, Facebook is just so powerful. You can tell within an hour if something is working or not.”

How To Target In The Gifting Vertical

[11:18] Does LovePop’s acquisition strategy differ between channels? Find out here.

[12:00] Just because the LovePop cards are spectacularly unique, that doesn’t mean their targeting parameters are.

[12:38] If the targeting can be super broad, is it harder to convert customers?

[12:58] Exactly how LovePop overcomes the broad targeting conundrum.

All The Video, All The Time

[13:39] Brandon shares his past seven years of experience watching Facebook’s journey to video ads.

[13:51] All the ways in which video ads benefit anyone running direct response campaigns.

[15:18] LovePop’s methods for retargeting customers and keeping them engaged.

[15:55] Keeping your creative fresh is crucial.

Testing To Reach “A Billion Magical Moments”

[16:17] Testing a little bit of everything can make the difference.

[16:50] The Facebook ad optimization strategies that stay the same, no matter what you’re spending.

[17:30] “Test as much as [you] can, and once [you] see something that works, it’s then trying to figure out how can [you] scale that as large as possible, as quickly as possible to really get the message out there?”

[18:00] Is there anything that still surprises Brandon about advertising on Facebook? Learn the answer here.

[19:58] Get your new life mantra from Brandon’s philosophy on some of the Facebook ad nuances.

[20:25] We end the podcast with Brandon’s three takeaways for your own Facebook ad (and business) strategies.


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