[PODCAST] Expert Strategies For E-Commerce Brands To Tackle Q4’s Costs

by Sandra Rand 2 years ago


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As promised in yesterday’s blog post, we caught up with Mike Zappulla, Director of Ad Ops, and Michael Skehill, Senior Ad Ops Specialist, to break down exactly what every e-commerce brand should know about Q4.

From how best to plan, what to test, what to expect, and how you can succeed in the crazy holiday shopping season, we’ve got detailed insight into the strategies for your team to incorporate into your own Q4 plans.


[00:27] Mike and Mike introduce themselves.

[00:47] The guys give a quick bio plus a fun fact about themselves.

[00:55] Try not to groan too loudly as Michael Skehill makes a super corny joke.

[01:04] Mike Zappulla reveals what it’s like to live in enemy territory (at least when it comes to baseball).

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Q4

[01:18] The reasons why it’s crucial to start planning for Q4 now and not later in the year.

[01:32] How to get the right ad spend and scaling strategy in place before the holidays hit.

[01:38] Find out what are the two months where you should be testing your ads. When we find out how far Kylie buried the lead when she mentions she was “on the founding team.”

[01:48] Ways in which your strategy can affect your inventory estimates.

[02:17] Facebook has only one constant: that ad delivery is ever-changing. Here’s the best way to plan for that.

[02:26] Two questions you want to use to plan your strategy for Q4.

[02:47] Michael Skehill explains why knowing which bid type works best for you can make all the difference during the holidays.

‘Tis The Season For Testing

[03:20] Are there certain tests that our two experts recommend? Listen in.

[04:00] How which bid type you should choose is affected by the cost of your products.

[04:24] When you should be thinking about and trying out all of this bid testing.

[04:36] The intersection between Facebook’s new ad products and your bid testing.

[04:46] Want to know exactly which ad types we’re seeing the greatest success with? Mike and Mike spill the beans here.

Planning For A Winter Wonderland

[05:18] Get the answer to whether there’s a recommended budget split between ad products.

[05:52] What it is about Q4 that most e-commerce brands may not be aware of when planning their ad spend.

[06:15] The relationship between inventory, scaling, and your ad spend.

[06:41] Michael Skehill breaks down multiple methods for the best ways to plan your product inventory as well as your potential spending on ads.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Q4

[07:07] Is there anything these two experts have been surprised by in Q4?

[07:27] Just because the e-commerce space is more crowded during Q4 doesn’t mean your creative can’t stand out. Hear the story of how one client’s creative went viral at just the right time.

[07:57] It’s ok to think outside of the box when planning for the holiday craziness.

[08:03] The one time it’s ok to be passive aggressive.

[08:24] Mike Zappulla is no Cassandra; he explains some of the pitfalls and costs for Q4.

[08:32] A continued reminder to keep calm and carry on.

[09:10] Our two experts leave us with three takeaways that every e-commerce brand should know to plan their strategy for Q4.