[PODCAST] Balancing Influencers + Paid Social For Better ROAS

by Sandra Rand 2 years ago



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It seems like every reality TV star you know is now an influencer on social media. Google the term “influencer,” and you’ll get 43,600,000+ results in just 0.73 seconds.

But how effective are influencers in advertising your product anyways? And what exactly does any of this have to do with paid social advertising?

Unlike others, we aren’t ones to negate the importance of using influencers. In fact, we believe that when used in conjunction with your social advertising, you can actually increase your ROAS!

Which is why we sat down with Kylie Chenn, the Director of Operation and Strategy (aka Founder and CEO) of Acanela Expeditions to talk about combining influencers and paid social to maximize your reach and return. Having built and scaled Acanela from her time at BYU to a brand that now teams up with major brands and has been reviewed and partnered with all the publications below, Kylie gives great insight into the best ways to mix influencer and paid traffic together.


[00:41] Kylie Chenn introduces herself to the audience.

[00:55] We find out what has to be the best fun fact ever shared on our podcast by a guest.

[01:29] I explain why Kylie and I share a nickname, though not for the same reasons.

Behind The Brand

[01:56] Learn the story of Acanela’s founding and what the company does.

[02:40] The best reason to travel with Acanela.

[03:38] When we find out how far Kylie buried the lead when she mentions she was “on the founding team.”

[04:16] Teamwork makes the dream work!

[04:40] How Acanela is changing the boutique travel market.

[05:37] Authenticity is the name of the game.

[06:36] Why Acanela involves the local artisans into the travel experience.

[07:08] I drop a large hint to OrionCKB’s C-Suite to book our team on the next Acanela adventure!

It Starts With The Customers

[07:20] What are Acanela’s first steps when searching out their customers.

[07:32] Kylie is brutally honest and shares how customer acquisition was a struggle for them at first.

[08:08] Listen to how Acanela started with social, both organic and paid, as a base for larger scale advertising efforts.

[08:30] The goals for Acanela’s advertising and engagement efforts for this year.

[08:50] Some of the non-social methods Acanela used at first to grow their following.

[10:09] Find out the pet name that Acanela uses for their customers.


The Social Sciences

[11:05] Learn what social channels Acanela favors and why, plus their strategies for them.

[11:32] Kylie plants her flag on what’s the fastest growing and best social media platform at the current moment.

[12:01] Details on how Acanela nurtures customers down their funnel.

[12:41] Why Acanela uses different platforms for targeting different audiences.

Becoming Influential

[14:29] Which social media network is the best for connecting with influencers.

[15:31] We get an exclusive into a new advertising strategy that Acanela will be unveiling soon.

[15:45] Further proof that the keyboard philosophers are right and consistency is key.

[16:51] Strategies for retargeting versus acquisition when it comes to the travel niche.

[17:38] How strategic segmentation allows you to better retarget customers. Strategies for retargeting versus acquisition when it comes to the travel niche.

[18:23] It all comes down to this – whether you’re prospecting or retargeting.

[19:19] Building a community can be one of your greatest advertising assets.

[19:40] I joke about what we should rename the podcast since it comes up during every podcast.

[21:26] Influencer marketing and how the lure of loyalty and authenticity is powerful.


[21:40] Kylie reveals why sometimes you don’t want the influencers with millions of followers.

[24:00] Definitely don’t do a shot every time we say “authentic” or “authenticity.”

[26:52] Special shoutout to LaserAway and their use of influencers AND their hair removal services.

[27:33] Why both paid social and influencer marketing are needed.

[28:23] The role and place of A/B testing, no matter how big you get as a company.

[29:00] “What’s at the core of your paid social and influencing strategy? What’s your call to action?”

[26:52] Special shoutout to LaserAway and their use of influencers AND their hair removal services.

[30:28] We close with Kylie sharing best practices for mixing influencers and paid social, as well as growing your customer base.

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