OrionCKB Named a Snapchat Certified Partner

by Sandra Rand 2 years ago

OrionCKB was recently named to Snapchat’s Certified Partners Program, making our ad agency among a select group to provide managed services for clients looking to integrate Snapchat into their mix of advertising channels.

The Certified Partners Program helps brands trust partners to build and buy advertising campaigns with confidence (read more here). To be certified, we went through weeks of rigorous training sessions and assessments to ensure our team knows the platform in and out, understands its strengths relative to your goals, and – most importantly – can analyze and report on true performance and impact on the rest of your acquisition strategy.

Snapchat Advertising: The Opportunity

Snapchat’s nearly 200 million mobile users give you access to over 40% of older millennials (the ones with purchasing power) in the United States, many of whom visit the app exclusively and are unreachable on other platforms. These users spend upwards of 30 minutes a day on Snapchat, so there’s a clear opportunity to get in front of audiences ages 18-34.

orionckb-named-snapchat-certified-partner-snap-image-3Out of the gate, Snapchat is an obvious choice for mobile app advertisers and is well suited for brands in e-commerce, lead gen, and gaming. Snapchat satisfies the full-funnel approach of driving both interest & discovery while enabling retargeting and custom audience creation to capture those conversions.

Snapchat’s goal-based bidding for DR objectives is the right place to start when pursuing conversion goals, and the platform’s geotargeting enables incredibly accurate reach to put the right content in front of the right people.

As Snapchat’s Certified Partners program evolves, we’ll continue to refine our approach in driving sales, leads, and app installs in addition to brand awareness.

What is Advertising on Snapchat Like?

Snapchat offers advertisers a highly engaging 100% full-screen format, the creative of which is entirely video. orionckb-named-snapchat-certified-partner-snap-image-1

Snap’s video ads are 10 seconds or less, typically are viewed with sound on, and appear within the context of users’ own Snaps.

After viewing an ad, users can then swipe up to visit a brand’s mobile website or install an app, or view other branded content.

Given its placement and time constraints, the best performing creative conveys its message immediately and adopts the casual, spontaneous and organic feel of the user generated content it accompanies. Repurposing polished and professional TV ad creative isn’t always the way to connect with these users.

Complete Menu of Social Advertising Options

Since 2014, OrionCKB has provided clients with growth strategies and optimization across all major social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

In being named a Snapchat Certified Partner, we now offer the most comprehensive opportunity for performance advertisers to optimize their spend across all major social channels.

Our direct line to Snapchat will benefit clients so they might quickly capitalize on new audiences and ad inventory, and ensure their acquisition strategies are as inclusive as possible.