[Case Study] Five Four Club Increases Subscribers by Nearly 93% with Facebook Ads

by Sandra Rand 5 years ago

Most men, on average, get bored of shopping in just 26 minutes. 45% avoid it at all costs. And while there are fewer studies that say just how much men care about looking stylish, Five Four knows the truth: Guys want to look good, but it’s got to be hassle-free.

Likewise, the men’s clothing subscription service knew Facebook ads would be a key marketing effort for them, but managing and scaling it could get complicated. If only there was a “personal shopper” type for Facebook ads… oh wait.

Read on to see how OrionCKB’s creative services team stepped in to help Five Four build momentum, reenergize their Facebook campaign performance and deliver messaging that hit the target – so much so that they were able to significantly reduce CPA while growing Five Four’s total number of subscribers.