OCKB By the Numbers: January Growth

by Sandra Rand 6 years ago

So the numbers are in! January was a record month for us. We doubled our Facebook advertising under management (AUM) in just 30 days, from December to January. It’s an accomplishment that is nearly unheard of in this industry around the busy holiday season, when most companies already have their budgets allocated for Q1. Check it out:


growth in AUM from December to January


growth in AUM since Summer 2013


increase in clients from November 2012 to November 2013

7 (+2)

number of new employes (+freelance rock stars) since July 2013


number of hair products managing partner Scott relies on for a perfectly coiffed stye (ok ok, gotta give the guy a break, it’s really more like 4).


number of hair products managing partner Scott will need after he follows through on his promise to shave his head when the team hits their goal of doubling AUM from January to February.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team. We’re really excited to keep this momentum going, and hope to be able to report more great updates like this soon!