Mobile Video Ads Reign Supreme In The Mobile Revolution

by Sandra Rand 3 years ago

TL;DR Version of our 4-Part Series on How The Revolution Will Be Mobilized:

(1) Millennials are addicted to their phones.

> They spend upwards of 3 hours on them daily

> A whopping 83% of them check their phones before leaving home.

(2) 98% of 18-34 year olds use their smartphones to watch video.

(3) You get Millennials full attention when you reach them via a mobile video ad.

> 53% of them said when they view video on their mobile, it was their sole activity.

(4) 18 billion videos are viewed every single day between Facebook and Snapchat.

(5) Mobile video data on Facebook is predicted to be 75% of all of its mobile data traffic by 2020.

(6) Mobile e-commerce has doubled since 2014, and is on pace to comprise one third of all ecommerce this year.

(7) Mobile ad spend has increased by 66% in just the last year.

(8) Mobile video ad recall is lightning fast, with newsfeed content able to be recalled after 0.25 seconds.

(9) Consumers are 1.8x more likely to watch and share mobile video ad content versus other formats.

(10) And they are twice as likely to feel positively towards you and your company than with other formats.

We’ve come to the denouement of our series on the mobile revolution.

If you were waffling before on whether mobile and video ads were really the big deal we’ve been saying they are, these facts on mobile video ads should answer your questions.


Everyone from Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, to Snapchat, have seen the future, and the future is mobile video.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, recently discussed how Facebook has been making a huge push towards mobile video.

She cited the fact that in Q1 of this year, Facebook users created and posted almost 3x more video than they had just the year before.

Instagram users are also all about videos, as they watched 40% more videos this February, than they had in the six months prior.

Sandberg stated the obvious when she said, “This presents a big opportunity for marketers.”

The sheer number of videos being watched might leave you gob-smacked. At last check, Facebook clocked in with 8 billion videos watched every day, and Snapchat topped that with 10 billion video views daily.

To give that some perspective, that is around 56 videos watched, per day, for every man, woman, and child in the United States.

Clearly, people love their mobile videos, so wouldn’t you want to be where the people are?


When you follow the money trail, it also leads to mobile video and mobile video ads. In a recent Nanigans study, there’s been a 26% increase in mobile video ad spend.

It’s a smart bet to put your money and ads where they’re going get the most views and more attention.

How do I know this?  Well, I’m glad you asked.


Thanks to the minds at Google, we actually have quantitative proof that people who watch video and video ads on their mobile are more engaged than those that watch them  on a desktop or laptop.

According to this study, when people viewed videos on their phone, they were 1.4x more likely to watch the ads included with the video, versus if they had watched the video on tv or their regular computer.

Even better, people who saw these same video ads on their phone were 1.8x more likely to share it on various social media platforms.

Not only did they share them electronically, viewers were 1.6x more likely turn to the people they were with to discuss the ad over when they viewed it on a TV or computer.

The absolute best advertising you could ever get is a positive word-of-mouth recommendation. So to have someone share your mobile video ad with friends and family is critical.


Since part of branding and winning over customers is all about engaging and connecting with them, mobile video ads are stealing the show.

Viewers are twice as likely to feel a personal connection to your brand from your mobile video ad, than they are seeing it on tv.

We’ve also mentioned previously that when viewing videos on their mobile, more than half of Millennials are actually solely focused on that single activity.

To sum this up: mobile video ads create warm fuzzies in your potential customers, incite them to share, and captures the majority of their attention.


Now before you get too excited, it’s important to note that the length of your mobile video ad does matter. A recent study showed that Millennials, with our goldfish-level attention span, prefer mobile video ads of only 10 seconds.

Those in the 35-54 age bracket are slightly more chill, and prefer 30 second mobile video ads.

Further questioning by the researchers found that Millennials are ok with longer ads, but only if they convey important or complicated information.

Where does this leave you if your mobile video ad doesn’t match this time span?

You will be happy to know that it’s been shown that ad recall from a newsfeed mobile video ad can occur after only 0.25 seconds of exposure. Twitter showed that video ad recall occurred at 1 second on their format.

Even so, it’s still important to pack big information into small packages.

47% of the value of your video ad is delivered in the first 3 seconds, and 74% of the value is delivered in the first 10. If you want to win over your viewers, you must make your message quickly.

If you can grab their attention though, people are likely to stay.

Facebook showed that if someone watched the first 3 seconds of a video ad, they had a 65% likelihood of watching at least 10 seconds. And almost half of them were likely to watch at least 30 seconds.


So where does all of this information over the past two weeks leave us?

Check out our infographic below that sums up everything we’ve covered.


So with that, what are you waiting for?

You can increase your bottom line, as well as skyrocket your sales or lead generation by focusing on using mobile video ads.

Take the leap with us, and you won’t regret it.

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