[VIDEO] Our CRO, Sanaz Limouee, on Social Advertising for Lead Generation

by Sandra Rand 4 years ago

In August, our Chief Revenue Officer, Sanaz Limouee, spoke at LeadsCon New York, leading a panel discussion on how to drive a massive quantity of high-quality leads with Facebook advertising.

Sanaz has spent most of her career working in the lead generation space, so she has a long-standing knowledge about what works for this market. In speaking with Mike Ferree, board member of the LeadsCouncil and host of LeadsCon Live, Sanaz offers up some of the latest trends we’re seeing in social advertising and why social networks offer ripe opportunities for lead generation companies in any vertical.

Some of the highlights you may want to check out in the video below:

  • 4:03 why advertisers who tried Facebook in the past need to try it again
  • 4:23 one of the biggest values you can get from Facebook advertising
  • 5:00 what engagement & success is looking like on other non-Facebook social ad channels
  • 5:58 why Instagram advertising is going to be HUGE
  • 7:02 how LinkedIn advertising can be used for lead generation
  • 7:59 fun fact about OrionCKB’s management of higher education lead gen on Facebook
  • 8:27 what our “perfect client” looks like in terms of having the foundation in place for success with social advertising
  • 9:05 how you can apply a version of lead scoring to your efforts in Facebook advertising
  • 10:07 one important tip that will help you succeed with a social media advertising campaign

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