[Case Study] How Gamifying Your Funnel Can Increase ROAS

by Sandra Rand 2 years ago

The phrases “gamify” and “gamification” have been thrown around the business and tech worlds for years. And while it may make you sound cool to use it, what actually matters is what that term can mean for your bottom line.

It sounds counterintuitive at first: Creating additional steps in your funnel to incentivize your customers to purchase or generate a lead?

Despite that fact, we found gamification can actually get your customers or clients more engaged, adding increased value to your existing direct response strategy.

What Exactly Is Gamification?

“[G]amification is 75 percent psychology and 25 percent technology,” says Gamification By Design co-author Gabe Zichermann.

Business.com breaks it down into the exact steps that make it successful:

  • You give potential customers or leads “the motivation to do something,” for example, the chance to earn a reward.
  • You then give them “the ability to carry out a task – by facilitating it, or breaking each task into bite-size chunks, increasing the perceived capability” for your client or customer.
  • Finally, you give your lead or customer “a trigger or cue to complete the action.”

Basically, you motivate someone to do something by giving them both a perceived benefit and, what they believe to be, skin in the game. The ultimate outcome is that you have a more engaged user who follows through to whatever your conversion may be.

Sounds Great, But Can You Prove This?

Yes. Yes, we can.

To start, we joined forces with Jebbit, who creates and implements interactive content via quizzes, videos, and lookbooks, to hold consumer attention and nurture them down the funnel. Their entire focus is on sustaining consumer attention and driving conversions because their interactive experiences are built for mobile.

And it works because they match the way consumers use their smartphones (i.e. short increments, interactive, relevant, etc). An astounding 97% of consumers who take part in the interactive content that Jebbit creates for brands follow through to completion! You can see an actual example of the LaserAway interactive experience below.


Another reason Jebbit works so well is that it can integrate seamlessly into your current digital advertising methods and direct response strategies.

It also helped that we knew Jebbit had seen success with e-commerce and lead generation brands before. For fashion retailer Boden, Jebbit created campaigns that drove a 10x return on ad spend and increased Boden’s customer’s cart size an average of 33%. Gannett, the owner of The Tennessean newspaper, used Jebbit to play off of the state’s love of their Titans football team and decreased their cost per lead by a staggering 97%!

Want to know exactly how we tested gamifying Facebook ads for an e-commerce brand and Instagram ads for LaserAway and how well they did?

Then be sure to check out their case studies below!

And Spoiler Alert – they crushed it.