Our Ad Optimizers Reveal Their Favorite Facebook Ad Features

by Sandra Rand 3 years ago

Facebook Ads Manager offers a wide array of features that you can take advantage of when creating and manage acquisition programs on their platform. Some of them are obvious, but some of them are more nuanced and can be difficult to understand.

Today, we want to eliminate some of the guesswork that can go into utilizing some of these features. That’s why we polled a few of our Ad Optimization experts to find out their favorite feature to put to use when running Facebook ad campaigns.

Here’s what they said:

YIANNI KOTSALIDIS – Senior Ad Optimization Specialist 400px-x-400px-yianni

Favorite Facebook Ad Feature? Audience Overlap Tool

What Does It Do?
This feature allows you to take two separate potential audiences for the ad campaign you’ve created and see how much they overlap.

Can You Give Me An Example?
Say you have a footwear apparel brand and you have an audience of people that buy shoes and people that buy socks. If you ran a lookalike audience off of each, you would want to use the Audience Overlap tool to make sure that the two lookalike audiences aren’t too similar. In this case, say that they overlap by 75%. If that’s the case, you would want to combine them and then run the ad with the combined audience.

How Does It Help Clients?
By making sure that you don’t waste money running an ad on two separate lookalike audiences when the two audiences comprise a large percentage of the same people.

MICHAEL SKEHILL – Ad Optimization Specialist400px-x-400px-skehill

Favorite Facebook Feature? Audience Insights

What Does It Do?
This feature allows you to see the variety of audiences that have taken a certain action, such as liking your page. It delves deep into the analysis of the different audience segments.

Can You Give Me An Example?
If you select the option of showing the audience insights for people connected to your brand’s page, you can see Facebook’s naming of that cluster (i.e. Empty Nesters, Soccer Moms). From there, you can look at the other brands they like, their income, where you’re getting the most engagement, etc. Additionally, you can see how that compares to the rest of Facebook’s audience. This can give you a targeted insight into the behavior of one of your audiences.

How Does It Help Clients?
When you delve deep into the Audience Insights, you can target new audiences more efficiently. You’re able to qualify your lookalike audiences layered with all of these insights, thus raising the likelihood that your new audience will be the most receptive to your offer.

MATTHEW PACHECO – Director of Ad Optimization 400px-x-400px-matt

Favorite Facebook Feature? Ability to bid by campaign objective

What Does It Do?
Anyone running a campaign on Facebook can bid based on whatever their end goal is: website conversions, video views, link clicks, etc. Facebook has enough data that it can serve ads to users within a target audience that it knows are more likely to convert based on what they know about that audience’s click & web behavior.

Can You Give Me An Example?
Let’s say you’re a men’s dress shirt brand, and your target audience is:

  • Males (excluding females)
  • Ages 18-44
  • Lives within ten miles of a major metropolitan center
  • Makes more than $100,000 a year

Now let’s say Andrew Garfield and Ryan Gosling are in that target audience. If I was bidding for link clicks for my men’s shirt brand, Facebook would look at the behavior of all of the people within that target audience. If Andrew Garfield is a known link clicker, and Gosling is not, then Garfield will be served your ad, and Gosling won’t.

How Does It Help Clients?
It makes your ad spend more efficient because Facebook is able to focus on the people most likely to take the action you want. It’s also a good idea to also try different objectives, even within the same audience. You may end up unlocking a new segment that wasn’t originally within the parameters of your original objective.


These features are just a small piece of the vast array available within Facebook’s Ads Manager. They represent the tip of the iceberg that sits above the water, but as we all know (from Titanic, if nothing else) the vast majority of an iceberg’s heft is hidden below.

That heft houses the magic of additional functionality and automation found in third party ad automation softwares (like Kenshoo or Nanigans) – we definitely have our favorite features from these tools as well. To get the most out of all of the features hidden below the surface, it helps you even more if the tech is backed by years of experience and strategic thinking.

Either way, we hope that these three features can help you get more granular with your Facebook ad campaigns and bring you a better ROI on your ad spend!