Facebook Multi-Product Ads: Not Just for Ecommerce

by Sandra Rand 5 years ago

Variety can present challenges when it comes to advertising. It’s likely you sell more than one product, or you’re charged with generating leads for a slew of programs or services. How do you pick and choose what to highlight? How can you make sure the right offers reach the most relevant people? What if a select audience you go after could actually be interested in or qualify for more than one thing you’re putting out there?

In February 2015, Facebook added to Power Editor a multi-product ad unit designed to help businesses promote multiple products at once (those of us that had access to the API via a software partner saw this added last year).

It makes sense that MPAs are a slam dunk for e-commerce businesses, but there are a number of ways businesses in other industries can use them too.

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Multi-product ads let you feature more products and services in the News Feed without creating multiple ads. A single ad unit can showcase up to 5 products at once (via Power Editor) or up to 10 products at once (via the API) carousel-style on both desktop and mobile. Each ad space within the carousel has its own image, description and target link. MPAs greatly increase your options to test creative, messaging, and targeting.

facebook multi-product ads

Creative Ways to Use Facebook Multi-Product Ads

The most obvious way to use MPAs is for ecommerce companies to put more products or promotions into a single ad to give people that many more reasons to click, but industries of all kinds can use this ad type to their advantage, including (but not limited to):

Financial Services

Student loan debt consolidation company Credible uses MPAs to tell customer stories around how their service has helped a number of young professionals save money and reach their goals.



I’ve been served mobile MPAs from entrepreneur, author, and hustler Gary Vaynerchuk suggesting I subscribe to his latest episodes of #AskGaryVee.



Adobe got great results in the education vertical: Click-through rates increased from 50% to 300%, cost per click dropped as much as 35%, and efficiency in cost per acquisition rose by up to 261%. Details on the campaign aren’t available, but many of our higher education clients have tested MPAs outlining their top degree programs, with imagery, messaging and landing page destinations dedicated to each major.

Lead Generation

Our client Thumbtack regularly uses MPAs to promote some of their most highly rated home service professionals. They’ll bucket professionals in the areas of “house cleaning”, “general contractors”, “plumbers”, etc. or will break down the type of home projects you can get somebody to work on. For example, a plumber can help fix a leak in your bathroom, install a new kitchen sink, diagnose an irrigation problem in your backyard, etc.


Using Facebook advertising for B2B is a blog series all on its own, but any professional services or software company could benefit from MPAs to showcase the various features and benefits of their offerings.

For example,  conference organizers could use their FAQs in their MPAs, giving ad targets the lowdown on conference agenda, ticket pricing, and hotel information all in one place. For future campaigns, they could use ad space to showcase their hot speaker lineup leading up to the show.

I’d love to see more B2B companies use MPAs as a way of recruiting. Give me a rundown of all your available marketing jobs, or use each ad space to show different parts of your company culture.


Do Facebook multi-product ads perform better than other ad units? Compared to original Facebook ads, early studies showed a 15% increase in click-through rates and 83% increase in engagement CTR. Retailer Nomorerack used this approach and saw its CTRs increase 42% and CPAs decrease as much as 45%.

By offering customers multiple reasons or ways to click on your ads, you can reduce the number of clicks required to get from ad to order, reducing buyer friction.

We’re loving multi-product ads so far; key metrics are looking good and as long as you take the steps to be creative and innovative with your approach, you can really get some mileage from this ad unit.

What other creative ways are you using multi-product ads?