What’s New In Facebook Advertising? Dynamic Product Ads

by Sandra Rand 4 years ago

Facebook has started gradually rolling out a new ad unit allowing you to promote your entire product catalog on Facebook with dynamic product ads. We’re pretty psyched about this, as our ecommerce clients with large inventories will benefit greatly.

These ad units are formatted according to a template (that you create & customize) and pull in meta data and images directly from your online catalog, making the management of these feeds pretty seamless. Essentially your retargeting is on auto-pilot, allowing Facebook to utilize your product feed to serve up highly relevant and timely advertising on your behalf.

There are a number of ways you can use Dynamic Product Ads:

  • When someone browses your products, whether on your website or through your app, they are automatically eligible to see these products retargeted to them on Facebook, either through a single ad or a multi-product ad.
  • You can showcase related or complementary products to someone who has recently purchased something, or serve up category-level products (think: women’s cocktail dresses, or ALL women’s dresses) to someone who was window shopping your site.
  • You can remind users of something they left in their cart.

If you enable automatic delivery of product ads, the information from your product feed is constantly updated so Facebook will only display products that are in stock and only display the latest price. If someone then makes a purchase on your site, the ads are automatically turned off for that user.

Advantages of Dynamic Product Ads

The main draw of dynamic product ads is its up-to-date promotion of relevant products to potential customers who browse your products online. This type of Facebook advertising helps you map a big product range to high quality and interested shoppers without the heavy lifting of setting up individual campaigns.

What’s more, dynamic product ads reach people regardless of which device they’re using or where they first started browsing your products. You create a campaign once (per objective) and continually reach people with products that are relevant to their wants.

How They Work

Dynamic product ads are like Website Custom Audience retargeting ads on steroids, because you can remarket multiple products and product categories based on what visitors viewed on your site and what actions they took.

There’s not a lot of performance data for this type of Facebook advertising yet, but it could be a game changer in terms of powerfully combining retargeting with product ads.

How Are Dynamic Product Ads Created?

Creating dynamic product ads on Facebook is essentially a three-step process:

  1. Upload your product catalog to the Facebook Business Manager – a structured data file, with a column for each piece of data about the product, like name, description, image, price, SKU, etc.
  2. Change or upload your Dynamic Website Custom Audience pixel which tracks custom data events that report which products are viewed, added to a cart, or purchased.
  3. Set up a dynamic product ads template and configure your campaign.

Do You Need Dynamic Product Ads if You Already Retarget Using Website Custom Audiences?

Dynamic product ads scale your reach and helps amplify your retargeting ad campaigns to include your entire product catalog in a way that is, well, dynamic, saving your time on creative, campaign management, and configuration after the initial setup.

The CA pixel associated with this ad unit also helps you track deeper events, allowing you to create “rules” around this type of advertising, such as targeting a customer who has not made a purchase in a certain amount of time, or a shopper who has visited some pages but not others.

This is going to make Facebook a lot more valuable to retailers if they haven’t already been convinced of Facebook’s retargeting power. Looking forward to seeing this roll out and the results start coming in. We’ll keep you posted on any early findings from our client campaigns. 

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