[PODCAST] What Every Brand Should Know About Digital Video Ads

by Sandra Rand 2 years ago

On Today’s Episode

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Join us as we sit down with Pavan Patidar, Director of Ad Optimization, and discuss the rise of video advertising, why it’s become such a huge part of direct response advertising, and what you can learn to make your video ads the best they can be.

Pavan shares hands-on knowledge about what works, what doesn’t, and what’s surprised him when it comes to video advertising for direct response. With perspective from his time spent at Facebook and his years in the digital advertising world, you’re guaranteed to find actionable insight.

Listen In

[01:30] Pavan shares his fun fact and how he once rescued Sheryl Sandberg from a rooftop.

[02:55] We discuss exactly what has made video such a popular direct response advertising medium.

Background on video and video ads

[03:12] Video owes much to Facebook for being the ad format of the minute. Listen in to understand why it’s a better unit to translate your brand and product

[04:00] A lesson in the history of video and how it went from branding to DR

[07:20] Find out exactly how Facebook and Flickr relate

[08:02] Get nostalgic with us over Friendster

Video Ads on Facebook and Instagram

[08:20] How does video translate between Facebook and Instagram? Listen here for details

[08:41] What you should be reviewing to keep your videos performing well

[09:16] Pavan’s take on why Instagram is a dramatically different platform when it comes to video ads

[09:39] Why Instagram is a perfect platform for visual inspiration and advertising and a four-part strategy for success

[10:40] Do successful videos require putting together a major production? You can hear the answer here

[11:21] Learn the two things that are even more valuable than any level of production in a video ad

[13:29] Pavan tells us best practices for running video ads on Facebook

What Content You Should Be Running and Who Your Audiences Should Be

[14:21] The answer to whether long form content can work in a video ad

[15:10] Pro tip on the method and purpose for developing custom audiences around your videos.

[17:57] A list of recommended tests for video ads.

[18:50] Pavan’s answer to what’s been the most surprising about working with video ads.

[21:16] We close with the three major takeaways for any brand running video ads

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Correction: In the podcast, I mistakenly refer to Imelda Marcos as Isabel de Marcos. I apologize for the mistake.