[EBOOK] Your Ultimate Guide to Influencers and Maximizing Your Social Advertising

by Sandra Rand 3 years ago

You can’t read a marketing blog or advertising magazine today without hearing about influencers.

Google “Influencer Marketing” and you’ll get around 17,200,000 results in under two seconds. Even the esteemed AdAge has written almost 50 articles about influencers in just the past six months.

Needless to say, influencer marketing is here and it’s only getting bigger.

If you’ve been trying to avoid taking the plunge or are feeling confused with what your current influencer strategy is, we’re here to help.

Our e-book lays out in detail everything from what influencers are, what influencer marketing entails, how endorsements by influencers are impacted by the Federal Trade Commission, and the benefits and challenges that arise when working with influencers.

But that’s only half of the story.

Even a perfectly executed influencer campaign faces a few gaps when it comes to certain social platforms, paid search ads, or specific KPIs.

Which is why it’s crucial that you’re taking the next step and intertwining your influencer marketing with your social and search campaigns.

And before you get worried that we’re leaving you out to dry with this info, we provide best practices on exactly how to do that as well!

As we’ve explained before, search and social advertising combined with influencer marketing can bring your brand its best ROI, so why not get started on making that a reality today?