The Digital Ad News You Didn’t Catch Last Week – Iss. 21

by Sandra Rand 4 years ago

What fell under the radar this week while everyone was following AAPL vs FBI and Kanye’s insane plea for Mark Zuckerberg’s financial help?

We put it all in one place in Issue 21:


“Customer lifetime value is the most important metric in marketing.” Any healthy marketing strategy balances acquisition and retention. A 5% retention increase can increase profits by 25% to 95%. Here’s what you need to know about retention. (MarTechAdvisor)


Instagram says the quality of your audience targeting is a bigger success factor over the look of your ad creative on their platform. (AdNews)


There’s no established frequency to which the law of diminishing returns sets in for video advertising. Especially for direct response advertisers, it’s important to know the right limits. (AdExchanger)


Twitter is betting that even if people don’t log in, it can still target them with ads – with Google’s help.  (Digiday)


Snapchat is becoming a very real player in the space by beefing up their partnerships with various ad tech companies. Also, it was hinted this past week that the channel’s next foray is into ecommerce. (Adweek)


Ok, not a typical inclusion in our roundups, but something we value at OrionCKB: the balance of creativity and criticism. “Whilst it’s brilliant to have super enthusiastic people around you, it’s also important to have a quota of skeptics who ask the hard questions.” (TheNextWeb)

Stat of the Week:


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