The Digital Ad News You Didn’t Catch Last Week – Iss. 20

by Sandra Rand 4 years ago

Last week, Facebook and Twitter kept us all busy with big headlines, like the introduction of Instagram video counts, Facebook adding captions to silent videos, and all the news from Twitter’s earnings call.

So what fell under the radar while everyone was busy looking at the latest product changes to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? We put it all in one place in Issue 20:


Consumers prefer short, snackable content (this should not be surprising), yet brands, creative agencies, and platforms are perpetuating the 60- and 90-second digital video ad to compete with TV advertising. Key quote here: “But just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.” (Adweek)


When it comes to mobile app marketing, iOS and Android users show some striking differences across location/culture, content preference, behavioral demographic, and hundreds of other attributes. The research profiled in this piece basically just confirms that, when in doubt, question any sort of “global” best practices and test your audiences for yourself. (VentureBeat)

The psychological relationship of mobile usage and its impact on advertising is an important thing to consider. Especially when more than two-thirds of American adults own smartphones. (OrionCKB)


How to turn your one-time holiday shoppers into long-term customers. She had me at “predictive lifetime value.” (Martech Advisor)


Mobile games are still killing it on Instagram. Users are brand-engaged, can easily install since they’re already on a mobile device, and are already primed to be seeking unique, colorful and interesting imagery, which plays to the nature of game creative. (OrionCKB)

Stat of the Week:


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