The Digital Ad News You Didn’t Catch Last Week – Iss. 18

by Sandra Rand 4 years ago

I’m going to assume you get a lot of email. And unless you’re one of those dedicated email ninjas who has Inbox Zero down to a science, I’m going to take it one further and guess that you either delete or ignore a majority of the stuff that gets sent to you.

Out of curiosity, I decided to take inventory of the work-related email I get on a weekly basis and came up with this breakdown (an inventory of my weekly personal email would have way more transactional emails from Amazon Prime and reminders from West Elm about that side table I abandoned in my cart):


Those estimations are entirely made up, but the picture I’m trying to paint here is that of everything that finds its way to your inbox, there’s a ton of noise that clutters your access to the important stuff that helps you get your job done.

What’s amongst that noise? Newsletter after newsletter after newsletter curating the same. Damn. Headlines.

We’re trying a different approach.

Instead of including the big Facebook headlines, the unavoidable AdWords news, and the hot advertising gossip from Pinterest, we’re trying to find the hidden gems.

Each Sunday, we send out a handful of under-the-radar news stories, best practices, reports and other pieces from major media that were overshadowed by Facebook’s insane quarterly numbers or Twitter’s newest unfortunate crisis.

Want to cut through the clutter and see what you missed? We’ll catch you up by showing you what’s catching our eye, starting with this week – issue #18.



Does it feel like you’re seeing way more ads in your Instagram feed? That’s because you are. Brand Networks’ estimates an 1240% increase in impressions for advertisers through the holidays. Your biggest opportunity here for 2016? Short video clips. (AdExchanger)


Snapchat’s first direct response ad approach will likely be for app installs. (Fortune)


How to win at advertising during the Super Bowl when you’re not one of the brands actually running a TV commercial during the Super Bowl. (Digiday)

Digital + TV

And if you are one of the brands running a TV commercial during the Super Bowl, you should be pairing your TV spots with digital ads to keep the momentum going post-game. (WSJ)


Hopefully you know how to approach digital video content differently than video for television. To further complicate things, the lines between digital video and TV video content are blurring. Time to roll up your sleeves and get creative. Here’s what to expect. (




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