The Digital Ad News You Didn’t Catch Last Week – Iss. 22

by Sandra Rand 4 years ago

Did you hear the news that Facebook’s new Canvas ad unit is widely available? Of course you did. Here’s what else happened last week, in issue 22 of our weekly roundup:


For now, Facebook’s new Reactions are weighted the same as a ‘like’ did – as generic engagement. Over time, Facebook will weigh Reactions differently in the News Feed to improve targeting that much more. (Wired)


“Smartphones and tablets account for 62% of time spent with digital media.” But there is still a huge gap between consumer behavior and mobile spend as desktop racks in the majority of ad dollars. This one’s chock full of stats to convince you why you need to catch up. (MarketingLand)


Abercrombie & Fitch revamped their mobile app and site with commerce-first tactics, truly optimizing small-screen buying. Great tips here on CTAs and minimizing tapping as customers move down the funnel. (Mobile Commerce Daily)


The Aging effect of Promoted Pins is Pinterest’s most compelling feature. “It’s the process by which Promoted Pins garner delayed conversions or checkouts, lowering your CPA over time without spending additional budget.” (Social Fulcrum)


Let’s all agree that Snapchat is first and foremost a testing space. Tough to spend meaningful dollars when you get no data in return. That said, it appears ad rates on “normal” days are declining precisely for that reason (vs. holidays/peak times). (Mobile Marketer)

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