[Case Study] The Strategy Behind Scaling A Rapidly Growing Subscription Box

by Sandra Rand 2 years ago

For most people, when they hear the term “educational” they automatically think “boring.”

I bet you a Starbucks coffee (#addicted) you likely agree. Why do I care? Besides wanting free Starbucks, then it means there’s a chance you’ve heard of the subscription box company in our latest case study.

This brand offers a monthly box that inspires generations with creative projects that get them excited to learn about subjects like science and math at the same time.

While this company has been praised in high-profile press and media coverage and has earned shout-outs from celebrities as well, they still struggled with their Facebook ad strategy and scaling.

My point? If it can happen to them – an established brand in a sexy industry with brand clout – it can happen to you. Here’s what you can do when you’re faced with the same situation.


We don’t need to rehash the numbers as to why video ads are one of the strongest and best tools for your Facebook advertising strategy. (But if you’re curious, you’re welcome to check this case study)

What’s different here though is both Facebook’s move towards square videos and our out-of-the-box thinking when it came to generating video views.

Working intimately with Facebook on the regular means we know exactly which advertising formats and audience targeting approaches are earning preferred delivery. In this case, that meant both our video ads and our broader audience reach for this brand.


Despite a fabulous product with a highly commendable goal, this subscription box brand struggled to increase their conversions, get noticed with new creative iterations, and broaden their audience reach – all things that kept them from scaling their spend.

Luckily, we’ve got a great relationship with their team and we managed to overcome all of their Facebook advertising roadblocks with a commitment to testing, many of which were fairly easy to execute.

Want to know exactly how we increased subscriptions by 130%, scaled their spend by 76% and increased their conversions by 41%? Check out the case study below for our strategy and results!