Client Q&A: “Facebook has been most consistent performer at scale of any ad channel.”

by Sandra Rand 4 years ago

It’s possible you don’t think a lot about the socks you put on your feet.

I’m guilty. Socks are one thing I’ve always taken for granted. You can usually find me rummaging through the $2.50/pair display at Target a couple times a year. When we started working with Bombas last spring, my perspective on sock-appreciation began to change (and not just because they are easily the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet).

As it turns out, socks are the #1 most requested item in homeless shelters.

Bombas aims to help solve that problem.

Modeling their approach after the altruistic buy-one-give-one business model (think Warby Parker, TOMS), Bombas’ mission ensures that for every pair of socks that is purchased, another pair is donated to shelters and relief efforts all over the world.

But to sell a lot of socks in order to donate a lot of socks, you need two things:

(1) product innovation (check!)

(2) a solid and scalable acquisition strategy (check!).

We tapped Bombas’ VP Operations & User Acquisition, Kate Huyett, to find out what their plans are for Q4 and what her take is on Facebook advertising as it pertains to performance and its place within the company’s acquisition strategy.

How is your holiday strategy shaping up? What sort of plans/campaigns are you planning for Q4?

[We’ll have a] big push in September and October to build our email list and retargeting cookie pool using Facebook, Pinterest, affiliate, podcasts, sponsored content, sponsored video and our referral program.

November and December will be more focused on retargeting and email but still a lot of customer acquisition as well.

Why is Facebook advertising an important channel within Bombas’ overall marketing strategy?

Lookalike targeting has been incredibly powerful, as has retargeting.

Facebook has been most consistent performer at scale of any ad channel.

What advantages do you see in working with an agency vs. bringing your social advertising operations in-house?

[An] agency provides a lot of extra bandwidth relative to cost, especially in the NYC market where Facebook talent is quite expensive.

Plus you get the benefit of working with someone who sees what Facebook is looking like across accounts so you get quick access to feedback like “DPAs (dynamic product ads) are really working.”

What advice would you give to other brands & retailers who are just starting out with Facebook, Instagram, etc. for direct response?

Spend real time upfront thinking through your testing plan – budgets, CPAs, ad types, targeting, and so on, so that you can execute quickly and effectively.

Image Source: Bombas Sock Tech